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    Ukrainian cultural studies

    Students of the Kyiv-Mohyla Summer School who seek to intensify their knowledge of the Ukrainian language and culture will be eager to immerse themselves in the Ukrainian Studies course.

    In addition to offering continued language instruction (for late-beginners and early intermediate level students), this course will delve into details related to several aspects of Ukraine's history and culture. The idea is to offer students a unique experience of Ukraine's rich traditions, and to place them in the context of the country's thousand year historical, linguistic, and ethno-cultural heritage.

    Main topics

    1. Why is the Ukrainian version of Christianity unique?
    2. Medieval Ukraine as seen by western Europeans - historical accounts.
    3. The Union of Brest (1569): differing points of view on Catholicism and Orthodoxy.
    4. Ukraine's medieval intellectuals: students and professors of Ostroh and Kyiv-Mohyla Academies.
    5. XVII century Ukrainian religious art
    6. The ancient and new capitals of Ukraine.
    7. The development of Ukrainian political thought during the 19th and early 20th centuries.
    8. Periods of Ukraine's intellectual revival during the 20th century
    9. Independent Ukraine: the current political situation and prospects for the future.
    10. Orange revolution: evolution of Ukrainian society.

    Every culture is unique, but Ukraine's is particularly interesting because it organically combines the elements of two very different value systems: European traditions (Catholic philosophy, western architecture) with eastern Orthodoxy. The Ukrainian Studies course will focus on examining the peculiarities of this unique combination.



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